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Thank you for visiting our website. Our team is thrilled to inform you about all products and benefits of our company. Our philosophy is that you, our customer is the one that counts the most. We will provide you with the best performance and with a very complete line of products that will help you grow your business.

Please contact me directly if you have any questions.

Robert van Aerts,
Managing Director


European Headquarters Venlo


Venlo is the Gateway to Europe for The Netherlands and therefore a perfect location for a manufacturer of planters. Nature's Green is located in a spacious and beautiful facility in the Tradeport West area of Venlo. Being a logistics hub, Venlo provides Nature's Green the ability to efficiently receive and ship our products and materials.

Nature's Green Mission Statement

Nature's Green was created to help protect the environment by offering environmentally-friendly products. It is also our mission to make the environments in which our customers work and live as beautiful as possible, 


with all the colors of nature at our disposal. We design, manufacture and paint all of our own products and in this way we keep quality as high as possible, prices as low as possible, and delivery time as fast as possible.

Nature’s Green Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Nature's Green will collaborate with our customers so that Nature's Green products that have been retired from service will not end up as refuse going to a landfill. Customers are entitled to return retired Nature's Green products to Venlo and Nature's Green will then take full responsibility to recycle the planters. Customers will fill out a short form, return the products to us, and we will insure that the retired planters are handled properly, with minimal impact on the waste stream. If you wish to return retired Nature’s Green planters to us, please contact us to receive the full details and requirements of this important new Policy. There is no charge for this service.


Jan van Riebeeckweg 15