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NextGen Tower

Irrigation system for NextGen Living Walls

The NextGen Tower is simple to install and to connect. Be inspired by beautiful projects and innovation on the NextGen Living Walls website.

  • Perfect solution when no water connection is close.

  • Easy reservoir to install. Reservoir comes in 2 heights depending on needed water volume.

  • Reservoir can be supplied with strong hidden castor platform.

  • A special cover hides the hoses from the lowest tray.

  • All colours! Reservoir can be painted in all RAL colours and most Pantone colours to match environment.

  • Click and fill! Tower can be installed with pump that makes watering easy and fast!

  • Fittings and hoses. Easy to install and to connect.
    No chance on clogged drippings.

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NextGen Tower quick connector NextGen Tower
Fast and easy. Two size Tower reservoirs available. Tower height can go up to 6 and even
10 meters.

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