Happy Holidays

21 december 2018

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Great green update from London

12 oktober 2018

Great update from London. Time for maintenance at the 'be bold'  NextGen Living Wall. The plants are growing fast and looking great! Thumbs up for Universal Floral!

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Very impressive green design

21 september 2018

Great installation in Czech Republic of a NextGen Living Walls with a corner tray. Very impressive green design with a variety of plants. Thumbs up for NextGen Expert Flower Company, s.r.o.!

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Solar Decathlon Middle East 2018

07 september 2018

First announcement regarding this unique event in Dubai. We wish the Eindhoven Technical University from the Netherlands all the best with their contribution which includes a massive NextGen Living Wall.

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Great NextGen Living Wall by Ten Brinke Interieurbeplanting

31 augustus 2018

Great installation in the Netherlands of a NextGen Living Wall. Another impressive green design with a variety of plants. Thumbs up for Ten Brinke Interieurbeplanting.

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Beautifull design with BioMontage by Greenconcept

23 augustus 2018

In just one day, the team of Greenconcept Belgium (www.greenconcept.be) finalized this stunning BioMontage wall in Antwerp. BioMontage is a biophilic design product that requires no light, maintenance or water.

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New website online

14 augustus 2018

We're very proud to introduce our new website! Please let us know what you think!?

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Great planting of Raumbegruenung Stoll

31 juli 2018

Great planting in Germany of Raumbegruenung Stoll. They have added a lot of green with different planters, Nextgen living walls and NextGen RoomDividers. Great job!

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