Natural Walls

Our Natural Walls are made using a variety of preserved materials from the natural world. Only natural products that are harvested sustainably are selected. Our Natural Walls require no light, water or maintenance to retain their natural beauty.

Connect human need with the natural world

Requires no light, maintenance or water

Infinite number of design possibilities

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Natural Walls

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The natural walls include several product categories:

  • Custom Moss Walls, you can create instant zen, modern and trendy work- and live spaces by easy cutting moss panels.
  • NEW! Moss Carpet, most flexible moss wall. Perfectly suitable for all shapes, curves and complete walls. 
  • The amazing Moss Circles are ready to install. With 5 unique mosdesigns and 4 different sizes you are able to suprise your customers immediately!
  • BioMontage is a unique concept to bring the nature into your living room or workplace. Create and change a design every day, week or month with different natural materials. Also available as Room Divider.
  • BioMontage LIVE!, Living wall art that works with BioMontage or as a Stand alone portrait.
  • Massive impact with our Moss Ceiling Tiles.
  • Hand-craft natural pieces of art
  • Easy to install and change
  • Acoustic moderation
  • Available as Room Divider
  • Suitable for indoor
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